Parent / Guardian Code of Conduct

St Hilary School Parents / Guardian Code of Conduct

At St Hilary School, we are extremely fortunate and so proud to have such a supportive and friendly parent body, who recognise that educating children effectively is a process that involves partnership between families, staff and the wider school community.

As partners, our families will understand the importance of a good working relationship to equip children with the necessary skills for adulthood. For these reasons we welcome and actively encourage parents/guardians to participate fully in the life of our school.

The purpose of this document is to provide a reminder to all parents, guardians and visitors to our school about our expected conduct, giving the clarity required to enable the school to flourish, progress and achieve in a positive atmosphere of mutual understanding.

Please see the document below for full details of this Code of Conduct 

We are proud to say that all the detailed incidents are extremely rare at St Hilary. However, we feel this code of conduct represents a fair and reasonable expectation of adults accessing the school and appropriate, proportionate reassurance for staff and all the school community who continue to access the school so positively. 

We trust that our amazing school community and families will assist fully with the implementation of this code of conduct and ask that families make all persons responsible for collecting children aware of its contents. 

Thank you for your continuing support and positivity.