Pupil Parliament 2018-2019

In line with our school's policy on promoting the 'Fundamental British Values' and in order to promote pupil voice, we have a 'Pupil Parliament'.
Our year 6 children underwent a very democratic process where they wrote a persuasive piece about why they would be good members of the Pupil Parliament. They then presented this to the rest of the school ready for voting.
This is our Pupil Parliament for 2018-2019.

Pupil Parliament at St Hilary School- Autumn Term Progress

The Parliament had been given the opportunity to speak with children across the school to decide how they think their school could be made even better, and this meeting was aimed at pulling these ideas together to make a plan.

The first thing that the children were really passionate about was the use of single use plastics in school. Zelah and Molly have decided to write to our school lunch providers to let them know of our concerns, and to see if we can ensure that playtime tuck and food coming into school can be as single-use plastic free as possible. Oliver, Cody and Joel have teamed together to write some articles and posters for children aimed at awareness raising and to try to encourage lunch boxes that contain as little single-use plastic as possible.

It was also suggested that whilst the children are happy with the range of school clubs offered, it would be really good to have an art club. Caitlin is planning to attend one of our staff meetings to speak to the staff about this to see what can be done.

The Parliament felt that it is really important that children have the opportunity to voice their opinions about the school and to have the opportunity to make suggestions. They decided that they would like to do some pupil interviews with 6 children from each class to find out what they like about the school, whether they feel safe (and if they don’t where and why), what makes them happy at school, whether they enjoy their lessons and after school activities etc. This information can then be used to plan further ideas.

We explained to the children about how Mrs Butcher has been fortunate recently to be able to visit some other schools and that she had been able to collect some good ideas! One of these was to introduce ‘Hot Chocolate Fridays’ as an additional reward for children who have been highlighted as being particularly helpful, well mannered, making an extra effort with their work etc in a week. The children like the idea and decided that each week 10 members of staff would give a special invite to a child of their choice, with 10 different adults choosing each week. The children did point out that there should be a milkshake option and that they would need to consider any allergies and dietary needs. Next Friday will be our first ‘Hot Chocolate Friday’!

We were really impressed with the maturity of the children’s suggestions and with their practical ideas and passionate approach- they are already making a great team!