Pasta and Meatballs!

27th November 2017

Pasta and Meatballs!

Last Friday I had a visit from a gaggle of year 2 children inviting me to join them on a visit to Ben’s Kitchen in Marazion to make and eat their very own pasta and meatballs! In my job, you have to learn to take the ‘rough with the smooth’ so of course I agreed to join them. ;-) Ben and Janey welcomed the children with open arms and set up three activities for the children to work around- meatball making, pasta and decorating a chef’s hat. After working hard on the activities which included some ‘oooohs’ and ‘eeerrrrs’ as they mixed in the ingredients and rolled the pasta, the children sat at the tables to enjoy the food they had prepared.

 Here’s what a few of the children had to say about their day:

 “I absolutely loved every activity, especially decorating the chef’s hat and making the meatballs. Thank you Ben for this special day”. Lilla

 “Thank you so much for letting us go to your restaurant. It was the most amazing experience ever! I really enjoyed all the stages but especially decorating the chef’s hat. The meal was the second best meal in my life and I have had roughly 8400 meals!” Taher

 “I like the way Ben fed the pasta through the machine and I loved making the meatballs. The best part was eating the pasta and the dessert was wonderful. I really enjoyed visiting Ben’s posh restaurant and I would love to go again!” Grace

 “I enjoyed making the meatballs because they felt gross. My favourite food was the chocolate cake and the meatballs. Also, I liked feeding the pasta through the machine because once it came out it was flat”. Woody

 Thank you so much to Ben for his warm welcome and for inspiring the children (and adults!) to become young chefs!

 Mrs K Butcher