Emotional Support For Individuals

At St Hilary we now use a nurture based approach which enables us to support children here using creativity and play to help develop emotional resilience.

This program is the TIS UK- Trauma Informed Schools UK approach, supported by the computer based program run by Motional. TIS is based on scientific research and has been developed using the latest research into brain science, child development theory, attachment theory and the role of creativity and play in developing emotional resilience.

If you would like your child to benefit from these nurturing and supportive sessions, we do just need you to sign the permission slip, in order that we can assess them using the new Motional system.

Here is some of the rationale behind why some children might need some extra support in developing emotional resilience, from the people behind Motional:

We believe that a child’s learning shouldn’t just be about academic results - that’s only one part of us growing into well-rounded human beings. We also need to learn about how and why we feel, think, react and behave in certain ways. And sometimes we get those feelings, thoughts, reactions and behaviours wrong. Just like sometimes we get maths problems wrong.


Often the what is easy to spot when it comes to feelings, thought, reactions and behaviours!

Motional helps adults and children understand the why, and work on the how, so that the what can change. We also keep track of the what so we can see when or if it changes. We call these Reports.


Sometimes the why can be difficult or painful to talk about, sometimes it can be a relief to talk about it. Motional uses ACEs and Protective Factors to help us understand.

We have some questions that teachers can answer about your son or daughter to find out what the what is when they’re at school. You could do the same to measure the what at home. They’re things like “Is John able to make friends and be warm, open and friendly?” And “Does Erica have explosive outbursts or temper tantrums?” And “Neil enjoys finding solutions to problems.” They’re scored by how often that thing happens - never, rarely, sometimes, often, or always. We save the answers to these questions in Snapshots.


We use the answers to those questions to suggest things the adult can do to help that child with the how. Again, you could do some of these at home if you wanted to. We call these Programs.


At St Hilary we believe this offers a huge opportunity to support any child that needs it, in order to help them develop into well rounded individuals. Children may need this support for a short period of time or as a longer set of ongoing sessions, and the reasons they may need this can vary hugely as their experiences vary widely. We have 3 trained personnel in school to deliver these sessions: Miss Rowe, Mrs Badcock and our SENDCo Miss Brant.

If you have any questions and/or think your child would benefit from this type of support please either speak to your class teacher and/or contact the school SENDCo: michellebrant@st-hilary.cornwall.sch.uk .