Online Reports

Our school uses an online tracking and reporting system for parents. This means that parents can always access recent progress information for their child. All parents have been given a secure login and password (if you need a replacement, please visit the school office) and can log in here.
Instructions for use!

Please find below instructions to help you navigate around your child’s online report. Once logged in using your secure username and password (one per child) you should see this screen with your child’s name.

Each of the tabs at the top of the illustration will show you a different page of the report and you will be able to click on each one to view a different aspect of the report.

Report Card

On the report card you will see assessments for your child. The ‘traffic lights’ at the top indicate ‘attainment’ and ‘progress at this school’. The ‘attainment’ is the level that your child is working at whereas the progress is how much progress they have made. For example, you could have a child whose attainment is lower than national average but has made above average progress and vice versa.

If you hover over the coloured dots you will see an explanation of what the colours mean.

Red = Below average, White = Average/ on track, Light Green = Above average and the Dark Green = Well above average.

The bar chart shows a comparison between your child’s attainment and the National Expected attainment for your child’s age. Hovering over the bar will tell you the level achieved and when the assessment was taken. We update the assessments each half term and we shall notify parents via the newsletter when an assessment update has been made.

On the right of this page is an attendance chart. This will also be updated each half term.

Teacher Comments

The following statements give a picture of your child’s attitude to learning, attitude to other children and attitude to adults. If your child is aiming to achieve the school’s ‘Kindness, Consideration and Respect’ badge, we would be looking for positive attitudes to children and adults over a 2 term period.

At the bottom of this page is a ‘General behaviour’ statement and where appropriate a personalised comment from your child’s teacher.


This is where you will be able to download end of year reports for your child. 


This page will give you an overview of your child’s attainment through the school. At the top of the page is a traffic light for attainment and progress.

Above the graph are coloured blocks representing Writing, Reading and Maths. Clicking on each of these will show the chosen subject on the graph. The coloured line represents your child’s attainment.

The blue dotted line represents an AVERAGE child’s assessments when looking nationally. Therefore, assessments above the dotted line means your child is working above the national average and assessments below the dotted line below means your child is working below the national average. Please note, very rarely will you see a child’s line following a perfect line and it will most likely look ‘spikey’- but it will still give you a good picture of where your child is working over a period of time. Hovering on the coloured dots on the graph will show you when the assessment was made and the level given.

We hope that you will find having access to this information useful. If you are having problems accessing any of the information please do not hesitate to let us know and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. When assessments have been updated termly we will inform parents to let them know that there is fresh information available.