Gwenver's trip to the Maritime Museum

1st October 2018

Gwenver’s trip to the Maritime Museum

Last Tuesday Gwenver Class went to Falmouth’s Maritime Museum for a Viking workshop.

We split into two groups and while one group enjoyed the Viking workshop, the other group were able to explore the rest of the Museum.

We learnt about the Viking Longships, how they were made and why they were designed the way they were. We also found out about the different Scandanavian countries that the Vikings came from and where they travelled to. We were told how they used to trade things like leather, fur, sheep’s wool, animal tusks and silver for spices, glass and jewellery (made from glass beads and Amber). Seth (our tour guide) helped us engrave and make our own Viking coins. We had to put a piece of tin into a holding device and on the count of three we lowered the hammer and we had a coin! He told us how the weight of the coins was important to its value and how the Vikings used to use scales to decide how much they were worth. Next we went to sail boats, we went behind a controller and were able to move direction and sail them which was so much fun!

Our group first went to the very top of the museum which was called ‘The Lookout’ where you could see for miles around. Here we learnt that Falmouth harbour was the third deepest in the entire world! Then we went to the bottom of the museum (which was 160 steps down). Here we could see, through the glass panels, the sea level and lots of sea life swimming below. We could see Mullet, Sea-bass and even minute Goby fish. After that we went to a section of the museum which was all about the Titanic which was really sad but really interesting.

We all had an amazing time and learnt lots!
A big thank you to Mrs Stevens and Mrs Hill-Dann for coming along too!

By Mia J and Haiden S (Gwenver Class)

Thanks also to the Cornwall Heritage Trust who helped fund the transport for this trip - without this the trip would be very costly!  page1image21584