Penwith Football Qualifiers

23rd November 2018

St Hilary School Football Team – Match Report

 Penwith School Football Tournament - County Championships Qualifiers

 Match 1 Vs Nansloe

1 - 0 victory (goal scorer-Hayden Waters)

Our first game of the day was against Nansloe School. It was a great game and a challenge for us, we went into it full of confidence after back-to-back wins, but it was not an easy game. We had many chances but missed all of them in the first half. They had a good striker, who was threatening from the word go: he caused us all sorts of trouble. Eventually, we found a breakthrough with a magnificent finish from Hayden; it was a good win.

Match 2 Vs Treloweth

5 - 0 victory (goal scorers - Hayden 3, Gabe 1, Harry 1)

Starting the game with bags of confidence, we set off and managed to score in the first few seconds of the game and again moments later. Fortunately for us, we were playing really well and scored another off from an amazing build up. The next goal was also very good with everyone touching the ball (except the keeper) before it was smashed it into the top corner. Not much later, we slid the ball in. It was a great game for st Hilary. 

Match 3 Vs Parc Eglos

0- 1 - defeat

This great contest unfortunately ended in a 1-0 defeat. Parc Eglos were immediately on the front foot putting tons of pressure on us, causing us to be a bit shaky and uncertain what to do with the ball. Later on in the game, we had a few good chances that we disappointingly put wide. Their goal was a great example of making the most of any opportunity that comes along - we were disappointed but did not let it put us off for our next game.

Match 4 Vs Brodrigy

1-0 - victory (goal scorer- Lewis)

This was yet another gripping game full of chances, hard tackles and plenty of set pieces. We had many chances that were missed, but soon after, we were awarded a penalty that Lewis took. It hit the post, but thankfully put away the rebound to make it 1-0.

Match 5 Vs Alverton

2- 0 (goal scorers - Lewis 1, Gabe 1)

We started the game passing the ball around at the back, before playing a pass they were not expecting over the top; this led to a great cross and eventual finish from Gabe. The second came from a scrappy bit of defending by Alverton for one of our attackers to strike it passed their awesome keeper for a two nil win.

Match 6 Vs Marazion

4-0 (goal scorers- Lewis 2, Hayden 1, Harry 1)

This game was our biggest game - not because of the opposition, but because if we won, we would win the tournament and go to the county championships! We started well and scored early from an amazing passing sequence that ended in a great finish from Hayden. Shortly after, we scored a second through a similar finish from Harry. We started the second half with an early chance that was put wide but seconds later, we grabbed a third from Lewis who weaved his way through the defence to score.  A minute later, a ball came in from the left wing and Lewis chipped it up and scored a fabulous bicycle kick into the top corner.


After a great fun day we managed to win the tournament (Harry was our much deserved Player of the Tournament), meaning that next week we are off to Biscovey to play against the other winners at the county final. We hope to continue our recent success!

A big thank you to our coaches for all of their help and support and of course to all the parents who have come along to the games to support!


By Hayden, Gabe and Lewis