Full return to school

20th July 2020

Dear Parents,


I would like to begin by thanking you all for your exceptional levels of support throughout what has been a challenging year for all. Whether in school at the beginning of the year, during home learning from March or during our partial re-opening at the end of the year, we have been able to rely on you to help our school deliver a learning experience I believe we should all be very proud of.

In recent weeks everyone at St Hilary School and Leading Edge Academies Partnership has been working hard formulating plans to allow all children to return safely to school on Monday 7th September. 

We have tried to keep the plans as simple as possible, while ensuring the health and safety of our pupils, staff and community are best looked after. As you read through the following plans, please do keep in mind that they are all subject to change: our planning is dependent on the developments of COVID-19 and the Government’s reaction to it.  

Our back to school plan:

Grouping the children: Our plan will involve splitting the school into zoned bubbles of pupils and, as far as is practically possible, planning for these Bubbles of children to avoid crossover with each other. Within these bubbles we will be encouraging the children to physically distance whenever possible. However, the Government recognises that social distancing for Primary School aged children is not possible and in their classrooms the children will not be able to maintain this. However, to protect the children to the best of our ability, they will be sat in rows facing the front of the class - avoiding face to face working. 


The children will be asked to physically distance from their teachers; however, the teachers will use their professional judgement regarding physically distancing if children require support, are upset, distressed or in need of reassurance. We recognise that it is not always possible to maintain social distance and we will do our best to meet your child’s emotional needs: we will provide plenty of reassurance, warmth and care for the children.


Communication: While parents are able to come onto the school playgrounds for drop off and collection they must respect physical distancing guidance. Unfortunately the school building will not be open for parents, until further notice. But please don’t feel that you cannot communicate with us via the school phone 01736 763324 or via the secretary or teacher emails.

Attendance: As of September the government will no longer be relaxing the rules on attendance. As a result, parents and carers need to contact the school to inform us if their children are absent and as per normal we will be contacting families if their children are not at school.

Drop off and collection: 

When children return to school, there will be some differences at the start and end of the day. We are staggering the start and finish times for groups in the school, to avoid congestion at the school gates, on the surrounding roads and in the school corridors. Whatever your drop off and collection times, we ask you to strictly adhere to the following:

-       Children will be dropped off within the time frames outlined below.

-       On arrival, children will go straight to their specified school entrance, rather than waiting / playing on the playground, this is to limit the crossover between different year groups and to stop all children sharing the same entrances.

-       At the end of the day children must be collected from their designated playground – please avoid arriving on the playground early and once you have collected your child make a timely exit!

-       If you have more than one child at school, you are able to collect them at the same time, whichever is latest

-       Please avoid leaning against and unnecessarily touching any of the school property – fences, gates, tables play equipment etc.


Drop-off time and location

Pick-up time and location

Reception and Year1

8.50 / 9.00 – Lower Playground

3.00 / 3.10 – Lower Playground

Year 2

9.00 / 9.10 – Lower Playground

3.15 / 3.25 - Lower Playground

Year 3

8.50 / 9.00 – Upper Playground

3.00 / 3.15 – Upper Playground

Year 4

8.50 / 9.00 – Upper Playground

3.00 / 3.15 – Upper Playground

Year 5

9.00 / 9.10 – Upper Playground

3.15 / 3.25 – Upper Playground

Year 6

9.00 / 9.10 – Upper Playground

3.15 / 3.25 – Upper Playground


Cleaning: as per the government guidance the school will be thoroughly cleaned over the summer holidays and then on our return to school in September rigorous cleaning routines will be maintained. In addition to afterschool cleaning the children’s work spaces will be cleaned at lunchtime to ensure they eat in a clean space and then after they have eaten to ensure the highest hygiene standards for the afternoon.

Hand washing / sanitizing and respiratory hygiene: children will be taught the process of handwashing again – the 20 second wash routine is key. At the entrances to the school the children will use adult supervised hand sanitizing stations both on their arrival and as they leave at the end of the day. In addition to these routines regular handwashing will be maintained. Children will be re-familiarised with ‘Catch-It, Bin-it, Kill-it!’ for coughs and sneezes and each class will have a separate foot peddle bin for disposing of tissues. Children will also be taught to cough into the crook of their arm and to wash their hands after they cough or sneeze.

Wrap Around Provision - Breakfast club / Funzone: Our aim is to re-open our wrap around provision from Monday 14thSeptember – week 2. You will be asked to register your child for this provision using the School Gateway app in the first week of term. This will allow us to work out the number of children to plan for and make sure staffing and spacing is managed as safely as possible.  

After School Clubs: In September, we will not be running after school clubs to minimise the mixing of children in different year groups and to ensure we can staff the wrap around provision adequately. We hope to review this early into the new academic year and get back to our normal extra-curricular provision as soon as possible. 

Uniform: In line with Government guidance, children will need to wear their school uniform in September and there is no requirement to wash it more regularly than you would normally. 

Lunches: School dinners will be available from September – there may be a slightly simplified menu, but all children requiring a lunch will be catered for. The school lunch time for year groups will be staggered to avoid crossover between bubbles and all year groups will eat in their classrooms apart from Reception and Year 1 who will eat in the hall. For children eating in class, the school dinners will be provided in take-away style boxes. School dinner should be booked and paid for through the ParentPay app. School dinners are £2.40 per day, unless your child is entitled to a free-school meal.


- A packed lunch if not having the hot meal option 

- A filled, named, water bottle

- An optimistic sunhat and sun-cream!

- Their lovely smiles!

- They WILL NOT NEED to bring any writing or drawing equipment as this will be provided and stored individually.

- We are asking that children do not bring in unnecessary items from home, including toys. 

- The children will be completing outdoor PE lessons and will require full PE kit in school (we will review indoor PE provision early in the new year.)


Library: the library will be used, but in a more regimented manner. This may mean the children will not be able to change their books as frequently as previously.

Music: we are keen for music lessons to take place – but these will need to be in smaller class sizes and definitely will not involve sharing instruments. If your child has instrument lessons we will contact you with plans for restarting these in the new academic year.

Testing for COVID-19: Currently staff and children are eligible for testing if they show symptoms of COVID 19.


- If a member of staff tests positive for COVID 19 we will follow Public Health England advice and communicate with parents accordingly.

- Children should not be sent to school if they are unwell. Any child who presents with symptoms will be sent home.

- If you, your child or anyone in your household develops symptoms of COVID 19 you should ALL self-isolate. This is

7 days for the person with symptoms and 14 days for the household members.


There will also be additional controls in place, such as staggered playtimes, all designed with the safety of your children in mind. 

If you have any questions about next year, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest regards,


Rob Hamshar