Our vision for ICT and computing

The St Hilary vision for ICT is to help every child step into the future with confidence. We shall challenge them to learn and apply the skills using engaging technologies safely, which will prepare our children for a technological world that's yet to be discovered both within and beyond the classroom.

We are an ICT Mark accredited school

Every three years the school is given the opportunity to renew its ICT mark. The award recognises the school's success in developing the strategic use of ICT in many areas such as administrative and throughout the curriculum. It confirms that the children who are attending our school are at the forefront of modern technology.

To renew the ICT Mark the school is required to complete a very in-depth online evaluation and audit of the school's ICT provision. Having received the last evaluation the director from the ICT Mark re-accreditors emailed to say that of 200 recently read evaluations this was one of the most thorough he had read.

Following the last self-evaluation we had two visitors from the ICT Mark who verified the information we had given them, by talking to children and staff and having a tour of the school. As they went around the classes they saw children using a wide variety of technologies. They were immediately struck by the competence and confidence of the children in ICT across the school and said "St Hilary School has to be one of the best educational establishments which I have had the pleasure of assessing in recent times......the wonderful ethos and expertise embodied throughout this school should be available for the rest of the country to experience".

The full report can be seen here...