Hot Chocolate Friday!

23rd November 2018
Hot Chocolate Friday!
This week is our first ever Hot Chocolate Friday week! Ten members of staff have each been busy keeping an eye out for a child who particularly impresses them with hard work, or an act of kindness, or for showing excellent manners etc.
This week’s winners are:
Mrs Newing nominated Hana because “she is so helpful to others in class when they need help with their work. She is a star!”
Miss Fraser nominated Harvey because “he was so honest for returning a golden ticket that he found”.
Miss Rowe nominated Zahra McM because “she is always so polite and considerate of others. She helps the younger children at Funzone all of the time- thank you”.
Mrs Butcher nominated Millie K because “she is always so polite and helpful to adults and children. She is one of the most respectful children we know”.
Mrs Keskeys nominated Oscar N because “he has such wonderful manners”.
Miss Jelbert nominated Annalisa because “it’s the small acts of kindness that make people happy. Thank you!”
Mr Larter nominated Joss because “whenever I see him, he always says hello with politeness- it’s good to talk!”
Mrs Badcock nominated Chloe E because “she has been a superstar at lunchtime, helping and being a very kind friend”.
Mrs Butcher nominated Rory T because “he always says ‘hello’ and asks me if I’m having a good day- and always with a huge smile!”.
And last, but certainly not least….Samuel C was nominated by two adults! Mrs Izzard nominated him for being “a very polite and thoughtful young man” and Mrs Tresidder chose him because “whilst walking down through the busy corridor, Samuel let me pass. His consideration impressed me. Well done!”