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Welcome to Kynance Cove Class
I'm in for an interesting year by the looks of the class' first-day photos...should be fun! 
Help Harry! 
Harry is a quiet critter who likes to watch over the class from on high and then visit the children on their desks when they are working quietly.
This afternoon, we worked in teams to build a perch for Harry to sit on - some were more successful than others! 
Our winners were Jenna, Jack and Teddy - excellent teamwork and a perch of 32cm - well done you guys! 
We're going on a dragon-hunt (on St. Michael's Mount)...
What a fabulous time we had! 
I'll be honest - I was slightly nervous about taking 39 Y3s on boats on their first school trip with me, but it all went swimmingly (perhaps not the best word-choice! haha). Mr McLeod looked after us all very well! 
Once we got onto the island, we spent the day looking around the castle, admiring the views, spotting Mowzer in the garden (who obviously fancied a day out from Mousehole), being silent in the chapel, eating, and drawing on the terraces, which is where we think we found the dragon, when smoke started coming out of a chimney.
Thanks so much to Mrs Siney, Mrs Badcock, Mrs Marsden and the parents who accompanied us - we couldn't have done it without you! 
Year 3 become farmers for the day!
We headed off to Wadebridge to look at all things farm and country - what a great day!