As you may have read in the newsletter, we have decided to dedicate a page to iPad apps in order for children to engage with their learning at home aswell as in school.

In time, there will be apps displayed for all subjects to interest all children **Why not suggest your own apps or share your experiences of the apps we have named below in our comments box?**

For the mean time we will be choosing a 'Maths app of the week'. They may focus on a certain area of maths e.g. times tables or they may be a more general maths app which focus on all 4 number operations or shape.

We hope you find this useful and continue to support us in our vision to help all children become technology literate!

This weeks Maths app of the week: 3D Shapes & Nets

Maths apps:

  • 3D Shapes & Nets
  • Grand Prix Multiplication
  • Operation Math
  • Maths Animate
  • Maths and Cheese
  • Maths Bingo
  • Power of 2
  • iBrain
  • One Minute Maths
  • Multiple Wipe Out
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt
  • Shape Quest
  • Coop Fractions
  • Beebot
  • Dragon shapes
  • Interactive Telling Time 
  • Pizza Fraction 1 (Fractions)
  • KS2 Math Bash
  • Bubbles of Math