Well, it is SOO great to see the children coming into school every day.  They confidently bring their reading packets in and place them in the boxes, put their tuck in their trays and self register for lunch.  They have settled so well into school life in Perran Class.
This is our second week of working with letters and sounds (L&S).  The children can now recognise that a sound is a phoneme and the grapheme is the way that we write the letter.  So far we have covered s,a,t,p,i and n.  To practise writing them the children have been using the interactive white board (always a favourite), crayons, pencils, paint and individual white boards and marker pens.  They are now blending the sounds together to read simple CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words such as sat, sit, pat, it at.  To watch them sound out each letter then blend them together to 'read' the word is lovely and shows just how much progress they have made in such a short time. 
We are continuing our number work every day.  We now have Fred the Frog who is a terrible counter.  The children help him and show him the numbers on the number line, they count with him to show him how to count and even write the numbers down for him.  the children think he is an awful counter and want to show him how to do it correctly.
We are also continuing our welly walks provided the weather is kind to us. It would be very helpful if you could come along ... the more the merrier!! 
If you would like to volunteer in the classroom after half term please let me know!  There is plenty that you can do...if you like baking we will be cooking every week and if there is a grandad who likes woodwork please let me know if he would like to come in and share his talent with the children.