What fun!

We are working very hard this term with all areas of the Early Years curriculum.  In fact, the children have come back from their Christmas break with greatly improved concentration levels and an inquisitive nature!  This bodes well for our topic of Dinosaurs. 
I will probably be sending homework soon for you to help complete.  This will be in the form of research using the internet and finding out about dinosaurs.  It shouldn't take very long and is an introduction to the use of the internet to find out things for the children.
We have also started to have the Year 5 children into the classroom on a Thursday afternoon.  They come in to read short stories to small groups of children.  The children who come it are loving the experience and the reception children enjoy having the 'big children' reading to them rather than Mrs Gardner!  I have attached some photos of the children listening to the stories.
This term we are also doing some dance in PE.  The children are enjoying expressing themselves through music.  There are 2 children who attend a street dance class after school who have been showing the rest of us what they do.  They are trying to teach us their dance!!!
We have also begun to write about dinosaurs in our own dinosaur books.  This will coincide with the homework and will help them when we continue our work.