Weekly Organisation

Monday Normal Day 
Normal Day
PM - PE Mr Parton, Mr Hamshar and Mrs Greygoose 
AM - Mrs Eddy - Music and maths
PM - Mr Hamshar for English 
AM - Mr Hamshar  Engish and Maths
PM - Mr Davy: DT
Big Write every other week
What your child needs:
A pencil case containing:
  • HB pencils
  • a dark blue or black ink pen - one they like writing with, not a biro please
  • 15cm ruler
  • Rubber
  • pencil sharpener
Please name all items if possible to avoid confusion and help prevent loss of equipment.
Please also consider whether any other equipment in your child's pencil case will assist or distract them from their work.
Water bottle and tuck:
Please encourage your child to bring a healthy snack for tuck and preferably water rather than squash to help them make healthy choices with their food and drink.
Homework Diary / Planner:
Please ensure your child brings this to school every day to help us maintain good home school communications, please note each day and sign to indicate that your child has read for 20 minutes each night to help them earn their Karate Reading bands.
PE Kit:
Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school all week (bring it in on a Monday and take it home for a wash on a Friday if needed).