Summer Term Photographs / Videos

Project Outcome - Natural Disasters
So...that's our final project of the year over. The children did themselves proud. We had 4 narrators who set the scene in front of the whole of KS1. 8 children read out their Haiku/Tanka poems before showing everyone our dance that they've worked so hard on. I couldn't be prouder of each and every one of them. See the videos below....unfortunately recording equipment failed when filming the dance but luckily we filmed the dress rehearsal in the hall! Let us know what you think!
Exploding volcanoes!
After painting the volcanoes and then covering them in PVA glue to keep them waterproof and looking awesome, we exploded them using bicarbonate of soda, red food colouring and vinegar. The children were hugely excited as you can see in all the videos - enjoy!
Big Dance Company
We were lucky enough to have Kyle and his team from the Big Dance Company give the children lessons in different styles of dancing. This was an awesome opportunities and some children achieved scholarships to join the club!
Second stage of Modroc volcanoes
The second stage of creating Modroc volcanoes is to get messy with the actual material that covers the newspaper foundations. Dipping the powdery resource into water makes claggy strips to form a white smooth outer surface of the volcano. The children worked brilliantly together making sure every part was covered so that it can be dried and painted! Fun times.
Building volcanoes
At last...we've started creating our volcanoes, a project that may take some time (if there's enough left!) In groups, the children had to use cardboard, plastic bottles, masking tape, newspaper, PVA glue and water to build a volcano-like structure. In all honesty, we have a way to go with them but they're certainly taking shape! Next step - the drying process and then bring on the MODROC!
Earthquake scenario
We decided to wreck the classroom with the help from three year 6's in order to create a realistic earthquake scene. realistic as we can get in Gwithian Class! The children found Elliot, Malachi & Lilou hidden injured in the disaster and had to 're-build' the community as they would do if one was to happen in another country. The children's diary writing was incredibly emotional and it was a memorable experience for all.
Shelterbox Visit
As part of our natural diasters topic, Gwithian Class visited Shelterbox in Truro. Their fantastic, state-of-the-art centre gripped the children and the volunteers were informative and fun. They learned how to pack a Shelterbox, did an exploration quiz to find out more about the charity and also heard stories how the charity has changed people's lives. 
Surrealism Art
The children have begun learning about the surrealist painter Rene Magritte who was a surrealist painter in the early 20th century. They looked carefully at his work and asked and answered many questions based on what surrealism meant and how this is shown in his wonderful artwork. They were then tasked with creating an eye by sketching carefully (most found this incredibly tricky!) and were then asked to use pastels to show what the eye could see giving a reflection of the devastation of Pompeii or in modern times, Hawaii's erupting volcano Kilauea. 
Scientific investigations - Evaporation
This half term, the children have been learning about states of matter (solids, liquids and gases). With this, they have begun to understand the process of evaporation by carrying out an investigation to see how long it takes for the liquid (water) to evaporate with the puddle of water decreasing in a certain amount of time. This was done fairly by putting a chalk outline around the puddle so results could be collected. Luckily, it was a reasonably warm day!
Pizza Day!

Gwithian Class made authentic Roman pizzas today - it was sizzling hot!
The children had such an amazing day by first making dough in the morning. In the afternoon (once the pizza oven had reached optimum temperature) they put their pizza bases into the oven using a paddle. They then put on some delicious toppings and baked them again. It's clear from the photos just how much they enjoyed the whole experience!

The day was carried out by three incredible parents who always go above and beyond and we cannot thank them enough. Thank you Tamsyn, Nessie and Emma for all of your hard work!