Teachers take to the kitchen


Last week, Chartwells the company who provide our school meals came in to talk to us about healthy eating and to hold a cook off.

First off, the most important meal of the day BREAKFAST!! A good breakfast sets us up for the rest of the day and Chartwells showed us the Eatwell plate which tells us about healthy portions of the foods we need for a balanced diet, not forgetting those 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

Logan was chosen to make a breakfast smoothie with bananas, strawberries, orange juice and apple, he then got to try out the special bike blender which uses pedal power to blend the smoothie. He gave the smoothie a try even though he doesn’t like banana! Logan’s verdict- “OK”!!

Then the cook off began. On the Red team Mr McLeod and on the Green team Miss Brant, with a couple of pupils to give them a hand. Our two “chefs” had a recipe to follow and ingredients to prepare, there was lots of chopping, stirring and frying. At half time 6 pupils were chosen to make a kitchen inspection, a spot check to see how tidy (or not!) our master chefs were, at this point the Reds were in the lead!!

Time was ticking away, the Greens finished with 20 seconds to spare, with the Reds only just making it!

Green team produced a mighty Mexican meal and the Reds created Chinese cuisine, which both appeared on last Thursday’s school dinner menu. Both meals looked delicious but it was up to the pupils to decide on the winner and the red team got the most votes. The teams then tried each other’s dishes and the smiles on their faces say they were both winners!!!


By George Moyle