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We're a friendly bunch! :) 



We found out that building Stonehenge was certainly not an easy job!


(Eating it was though!) 

Carn Euny and Trevaylor Woods
What a fantastic day! Fabulous children, fabulous adults, fabulous weather and fabulous locations - what more could we ask for?
Think the children were pretty tired on their return; I've never heard them so quiet!
Massive thank you to Mr Davey, Mrs Siney and our parent-helpers - they were all very well-behaved - we couldn't have done it without you. 
Hope you like the photos...
Miss J :) 
Classroom goings-on...
A few things that we've been working on lately in English are using inverted commas (formerly known as speech marks) and really thinking about our answers to comprehension questions. 
The dialogue lessons were completed with a session where we pretended to be the Wolves in the Walls (see pic of DA writing behind his 'wall'). The book we are using is 'Wolves in the Walls' by Neil Gaiman - incredible illustrations! 
Our comprehension lessons have mainly taken the form of 'Raring to Read' activities - questions based on interesting pictures. This week, once we had answered all of the questions, 'mini-me' teachers were chosen on each table to be in control of their groups while sharing answers politely and in a supportive way. The children were amazing at this - so cute to watch! 
We also used natural paints, made from all kinds of things, to have a go at cave painting. This was great fun - feel free to come into the classroom to see the results! 
Once again, thanks so much for your support. 
Miss J :) 
St Hilary does Mazey Day! 
I love Mazey Day - can you tell!? :)  
It's been a while! 
12th June
Well, it doesn't seem like two minutes since I was uploading the photos of the children's first day in Kynance Cove Class, and now we're in the final half-term.  Thanks to all of you who have welcomed me back so warmly - it really is appreciated! 
Wasn't Sports Day fab today - I'm so proud of my class! 
We've been busy since half-term beginning our theme for the last weeks of the Summer Term - 'The Hunters and the Hunted', with a focus on The Stone Age. They seem to be enjoying it so far. We've been looking at 'Stone Age Boy' in our English lessons, and are currently planning our own innovated versions. Watch this space! 
As part of this theme, we held a debate to see what the children thought about living in the Stone Age. We did this on the day of the General Election and held a vote in our very own Polling Station too. 
In maths, we've been doing Geometry - shapes, angles, different types of line, symmetry etc. On Friday afternoon, we did 'dangerous maths'. I mentioned this before half-term, and they certainly haven't let me forget it. Don't worry though, it wasn't too dangerous! Their behaviour was perfect and their 3D shapes (made out of cocktail sticks and jelly beans!) were awesome. 
Our first day in Kynance Cove Class...
Help Harry!
On the first afternoon in our new class, we took part in an engineering challenge to 'Help Harry'! Harry wanted a better view of what was going on in the classroom, so we worked in teams to build perches for him. 
I was really impressed with the teamwork in the groups - the children all worked really well together! 
The tallest perch was built by Toby, Caitlyn, Samuel H and Leo - well done guys!