Autumn Term Photographs/Videos

Cornish Pasties!
A topic based on Cornwall wouldn't be the same without baking good old Cornish pasties! Tamsyn and Nessie, our awesome parents, came in to create beautiful, golden and delicious delights with the children. The smell and taste was delicious! What a perfect way to finish off our project - THANK YOU LADIES!
Our Project Outcome
What a turn out for our highly successful outcome. Our traditional (meets new) Cornish Gathering gave the children a chance to show off everything they had learned from wikis, DT, Art and history. The Hevva Cake went down an absolute treat and the children's performance of 'A Smugglers Song' was fab despite only practising a few times. Thank you so much to everyone who came and made the afternoon so special. The children, dressed as miners or smugglers were a real credit to the school. A fab way to end 2017.
Hevva cake
We have awesome parents! Tamsyn, Nessie and Sarah came in to make traditional Hevva Cake with the children. This delicious recipe was made my fishermen's wives when a shoal of pilchards was caught as a celebration. With few ingredients and an army of children, it's reasonably easy to make! It was handed out during our project outcome afternoon and the feedback was AMAZING!
Performance Poetry
We've been learning about how to perform poems using a success criteria. In pairs, small groups and as a whole class, we've been learning poems before writing our own. To coincide with learning about Bullying in PSHE, we have performed a poem called 'Our Side of the Playground'. Enjoy!
The children have learnt a rap to remember how to find the perimeter of a shape. We gave an Oscar award to Isabelle for the best attitude (swag!) Take a look...
The children have begun learning about perimeter. We started off by learning a rap (look at the video above!) and then I challenged the children to find the perimeter of 14cm only using 6 cubes. They found lots but there were many misconceptions along the way to unpick.
Mine Engine Silhouettes
We've been learning how to blend colours to create tonal sunset/sunrise backgrounds so as to stick silhouettes of engine houses in our beautiful landscapes on top using black card and paint. You start off with various colours and  mix to get different shades of the colours before blending them in on white card. Whilst this is drying, you then sketch a mine engine landscape in black card before cutting it out carefully and sticking it on the painted background. From afar, it looks extremely effective. Some of these will be on display - come and take a look!
Physical resources in maths
In Maths, some children find it quite challenging going straight to the abstract (numbers) and so they find it easier to deepen their learning by using practical resources. We use Base 10 (Blocks to show T,H,T,O), cubes and place value cards/counters to name but a few! Our children wrote on their tables (which caused quite a stir!) and created place value grids in order to learn about how to exchange numbers from one column to the next.
Geevor Tin Mine
Our trip to Geevor was AWESOME! The children learned so much from how miners used to extract rock to find tin to the different roles of people. The children grinded and chiselled rock, panned for gold and went down a real mine to see the conditions - something they will treasure for a long time!
This half term, the children have been improving their speed, agility and fitness whilst participating in an indoor circuits session. In pairs, one person does a task for 1 minute which is timed to music whilst their partner counts how many repetitions they have done. Then they swap and so the process continues for lots of activities. We always do a funky, fun warm up (which is now led by the children) and cool down to stretch out all of our muscles. Turn up the music to see a flavour of what we get up to!
The Digestive System challenge.
Our children's challenge was to name all of the parts of the digestive system. And just to prove how amazing they are, we filmed it - an awesome job Sam and Isaac!
The children have started to learn all about wikis (based on Wikipedia). Now they know what Wikipedia is used for, they have begun to plan what they'd like to find out about. To do this, the children used an app called 'Popplet' which enables them to create a mind map of their own questions ready to explore over the coming weeks to present into their own wiki - watch this space!
Geevor Outreach
Clint from Geevor Tin Mine, came to talk to us about all things mining. He brought with him lots of different resources from tin to clothes, drills and hammers to photographs. The children absolutely loved it as you can see from the photos. We're all really looking forward visiting Geevor in a couple of weeks time!
The digestive system!
The children have been learning all about the digestive system and had to display and present what they found out whilst doing research using iPads and from during the lesson! The vocabulary used is reasonably tricky but they did a great job!
As you will know, times table are a huge part of the maths curriculum. So....we practise. A lot. I put on a 3 minute timer, rock music and away the children go to see how many questions they can achieve in our weekly times tables. This is the paper version of the online TTRockstars. Their scores equate to a rock star status which the children love!  The children's task is to improve their speed over time. Watch a quick snippet of the children in action!
Chalky faces
Who would believe we were using pastel and chalks on the third day of Year 4?! We had great fun designing faces using ONLY geometry sets. We then used smudging techniques with pastels and chalks to create colourful effects. All of our faces will be put on display for all to see.