Autumn Term Photographs/Videos

Project Outcome
Our amazing topic has ended with the children, over several weeks, creating authentic Viking styled board games using proper wood and tiles with Mr Davey. Their innovative designs and ideas were fantastic and they absolutely loved making them the best they could be that they will be putting the finishing touches to them during the first week back. Well done guys!
Our Viking Day!
Wow! What an awesome day we all had as Vikings. In fancy dress, the children participated in so many different activities from designing shields to making food, Viking maths challenges to creating paper longships. A MASSIVE thank you must go to Tamsyn Stevens and Nessie Hill-Dann for their time and amazing effort in helping children create food (Nettle soup, bread, butter, cheese & cows milk - and all from scratch!). The children had an awesome day and we are very proud adults.
Viking Brooches
Over the past couple of weeks, the class have been using their sketched designs to create their clay Viking brooches. There designs have been varied yet beautiful and they have learnt how to manipulate clay into different shapes. Hopefully they will dry without breaking so that we can put some twine (or perhaps strips of leather if anyone has any!) through them and wear them as a necklace during our Viking day on the 21st November. Apologies for not catching every child on camera but all of their designs are in the pictures and in our classroom.

Our Viking Trip

We went on a fantastic trip to the Cornwall Maritime Museum (Falmouth) to further enhance their knowledge and engagement of the topic 'The Vikings'.

The children had lots of fun, taking part in many activities such as exploring Viking trade routes and making their own replica Viking coins. They also got to explore the other parts of the museum giving everyone inspiration and a whole heap of enjoyment.

A HUGE thank you to all the adults who made the trip easier to run especially to our parents, Nessie Hill-Dann and Tamsyn Stevens who supported us throughout the day. Here's to the rest of the topic

Anglo- Saxon place name treasure hunt!
The children have found it very interesting learning about how place names largely derive from the Anglo-Saxon times. They learnt that lots of suffixes (end of words) give a lot of clues as to what that place is like. They used atlases rather than google maps to find Anglo-Saxon place names and were surprised to find so many. Hopefully, if they go on a holiday in Britain one day, they may know a little information about it before they go just by looking at the place name!
Illuminated letters
To end our first few days in Year 5, the children learnt about illuminated letters that were used (and still are!) to start off sentences of paragraphs in truly special books. They were also used in the ancient times, particularly in the Anglo-Saxon times, for illiterate people as a visual way to understand the content of the books. The children did a fantastic job using their new sketch books by designing their own illuminated letters - awesome!