Autumn Term News - Let's Celebr-ate!

Let's Celebr-ate!
How does food bring people together?
During the Autumn Term Porthcurno Class are pleased to welcome SCITT student Mr Jack Lugg. He has already got 'stuck in' and proving to be a real asset to the team... Welcome aboard Mr Lugg!
A visit from the wonderful Daya for Diwali.
Every year we have the pleasure of a class visit from the lovely Daya. She brings lots of beautiful traditional clothes from other cultures and the children always have great fun dressing up. They learn about the Hindu religion, traditional dances and food. Daya makes a fabulous potato curry that the children (and staff!) all sample and enjoy. We make chapatis altogether and use these to eat our curry with. As you can see from the photographs below, the children had a fantastic time and learnt lots of wonderful facts about different cultures and religions across the world. 
Year 5 Reading Buddies
This term we have also had the pleasure of having Year 5 children pair up with us to become our 'Reading Buddy'. They listen to us read, help us with our words, change our books and write a message to our parents. we REALLY enjoy reading to our 'Buddies' each week - thank you for listening so well and helping us!
Visit to Trevaskis Farm
It was our second attempt (the first time was cancelled due to the horrendous rain!) but we were glad we waited for the sunshine! Porthcurno Class went to Trevaskis Farm to learn about lots of fresh local produce including squashes, fruits vegetables and fish. We were taken around the farm by Debbie and we learnt lots about the food we eat. After looking at British Lop Pigs, South Devon Cows, Grey Faced Dartmoor sheep and Patch the famous pony we went sent on a treasure hunt! All the children solved the clues and retained lots of information about the berries and herbs, we even had a little nibble on some juicy strawberries! Our 'Treasure' were some pots plants that we took back to school and popped in to our polytunnel.  We all had a great day! 
Here we are, tending to our plants, from Trevaskis Farm, in our poly tunnel. We enjoy visiting them, watering them and watching them grow!
This week we went to our first session of gymnastics and we all had a great time. We remembered lots of different body shapes such as pike, tuck, straddle and star always remembering our 'good' toes of course. After we warmed our bodies up we headed over to the low and high beams and then went over to the small trampoline where we bounced up onto our feet, walked along and performed a forward roll down the slope... ensuring that we do our 'gymnast finish!' Below are some photographs of us, please take a look!
We all enjoyed swinging on the bars!
The following week we progressed on to the parallel bars and jumping into the foam pit!
We even had a go at testing our strength on the 'rings'.