Autumn Term - Victorians

This term we will be learning and comparing what life was like for a Victorian School child and how it is now. The children will be visiting Helston Museum to experience a snippet of life as a Victorian School Child!
After learning our whole school songs ready for the Harvest Festival, Porthcurno Class went to the kitchen and baked some truly magnificent Easy Cheesy Bread Rolls... They tasted divine! Take a look at the photographs below to see how we got on.
Fireman's Helmet
During our Victorian Topic children have been bringing in lots of different artefacts to share with everyone. Here are some pictures of an extremely old Fireman's Helmet... we all had a try on!
Porthcurno visits Helston Museum
On Wednesday 10th October Porthcurno Class visited Helston Museum to experience life as a Victorian School child. We all dressed up very authentically, which was commented on by passers-by, I think you'll agree we all looked pretty amazing! We played some games to start and then we went into the 'Victorian Classroom'. Boys and girls had to go separately and the children stood as Mrs Crawford entered the room. We had our hands checked for cleanliness and practised our handwriting on slate boards. Mrs Crawford was very strict and never smiled! She walked around the room tapping her cane as she went by, we recited our abcs and money. We completed 'Drill' and sat up very straight without saying a word... unless we were spoken to of course!
After this we visited the 'Toy Shop' we were able to play with some replica toys as some were very old and fragile. We ordered Teddy Bears into oldest and youngest... the oldest was over 100 years old!
A great day was had by all but we all agreed that we prefer St Hilary School now and wouldn't have like to be a Victorian School child.